Grace Lee – President PNoy's Newest Inspiration

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No less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines has admitted that yes, his love life is not zero these days. President Benigno “Noynoy” C. Aquino or PNoy has admitted that he is going out with somebody and when he admitted it to the media he was obviously happy.

By now, the whole Philippines already know that the current apple of the eye of PNoy is no other than the Korean Radio and GMA 7 personality, Grace Lee. Although Grace is a pure blooded Korean, she is a Filipina at heart having grown up in the Philippines since she was about 10 years old.

The budding romance is not only a big news here in the Philippines but is also making waves in Korea. This is perfectly understandable as any nation would be proud to have citizen who is in a relationship with a high ranking political figure of another country. In the case of PNoy and Grace, having no less than the most eligible bachelor of the country as a possible partner for life is like a Cinderella story.

It was Grace Lee’s radio co-host who first spilled the beans for everybody to know as he tweeted about the date that happened between Grace and PNoy. The couple has both confirmed that yes they are getting to know each other and are dating in separate interviews.

Grace has even said that she has met some of the Aquino sisters as she was formally introduced by PNoy himself in a dinner with the family. Those in the know are wondering why Grace hasn’t met the youngest Aquino sister, Kris whose ex-husband James Yap was once linked with her. Grace has vehemently denied that there was something between her and the basketball star so there is nothing to be worried about when she does meet Kris personally.

When asked what Grace thinks about the President, Arnold Vegafria (her manager) has said that Grace thinks that “he is witty and smart and one of the smartest persons she has conversed with.”

What’s next with the two? Who knows, only time will tell.

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Metro Manila Film Festival 2011

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It is Christmas time once again and aside from the people party-hopping and rushing to buy gifts there is another event that movie going people are excitedly anticipating. The 37th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2011! As always the MMFF is like opening numerous gifts on Christmas day because you get to choose which movie to watch first.

The MMFF is eagerly anticipated by all because movies shown during the event has been well thought of and prepared for as early as January 2011. The movies shown during the Festival have been somewhat a tradition already especially as some are like sequels to past entries. Take for example the MZet’s Enteng Kabisote series and Regal’s annual offering of Shake Rattle and Roll.

Predictions are rife that the battle to be on the top spot will be a close fight between Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai de las Alas’ “Enteng ng Ina Mo” and Bong Revilla and Marian Rivera’s “Ang Panday 2“. Both films are in the fantasy league and are predicted to be on top because whole families can watch including kids. Critics and MMFF patrons are excitedly awaiting the return of the tickets to see which of the two will take home the bag. Last year, Bossing Vic and Bong joined forces and came out the undisputed Box Office Winners but now that they each have entries, who will emerge victorious?

Another annual entry of the MMFF is real life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos with their entry “My Househusband : Ikaw Na!“. They have been a part of the festival for three years now with their “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” (2006) and “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo” (2007).

The MMFF “Horror Queen” Kris Aquino is paired off with GMA Hunk Dingdong Dantes and joined by Angelica Panganiban in “Seguna Mano“. Another horror flick is the Regal Films yearly offering – “Shake Rattle and Roll 13“. Regal Films matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde has openly said that this will be the last Shake Rattle and Roll series as they plan to retire the movie.

The only drama entry is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” which boasts of a powerful cast of big names in the industry – Maricel Soriano, Gabby Concepcion, Jericho Rosales, Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Carla Abellana and Solenn Heussaff so how could you go wrong.

Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga is being considered as an underdog fighting it out with the big names of the industry. A black and white movie that stars ER Ejercito (aka Jeorge Estregan) and Carla Abellana, the only action movie entry of the MMFF may not be getting great marks from box office ticket watchers but it is expected to do good in the awards department.

So from Christmas day, December 25, 2011 until the 7th of January 2012, expect the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival to occupy the movie viewing habits of Filipinos all over the country.

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Andi Eigenmann – Showbiz' Latest Mom!

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We can’t believe that nine months have passed and now, Andi Eigenmann is the newest mommy in the showbiz industry. Time flies indeed because it was just a few months ago when the whole Eigenmann clan was behind Andi as she bravely faced her pregnancy alone. Alone – meaning the father didn’t own up to his responsibility but she was never really alone because her whole family stood by her and shamelessly shed tears of support for her.

Now, nine months later, Andi is the proud and happy mother to baby Adrianna Gabriellie. Although Andi originally wanted to give birth normally, she was forced to undergo the caesarian section because her doctor deemed it best after sometime. Reports have said that Andi may have entered the “high risk” region sometime during her labor that is why her Doctor decided that she be cut open.

Baby Adrianna Gabriellie came into the world at the St. Luke’s Hospital in Global City, The Fort, Taguig City November 23, 2011. Andi was already at the hospital by 10 am that day as her bag of water broke already. Adrianna Gabriellie or “Ellie” was 7.8 lbs when she was born and according to Gabby, Andi’s older brother, Ellie carries after her Mother.

Andi was conscious the whole birthing process and when baby Ellie was finally put on her arms, Gabby said that Andi cried. Who wouldn’t cry when you know how hard you went through just to see your newborn baby.

The question on everybody’s mind these days is if the alleged father will come and see the baby. Probably not, according to Gabby. The father wasn’t there the whole time and he didn’t acknowledge that he is the father anyway, so why would he be there. As far as Gabby is concerned, the father isn’t welcome.

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Pacquiao Wins; Better Fighter Issue Remains Unsettled

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The judges have spoken and indeed our very own Pambansang Kamao,Congressman Manny Pacquiao is STILL the undisputed no. 1. Or is he?

It is not a secret that for the first time in many fights, it was at the Pacquiao vs. Marquez III that Manny got loud boos from the crown. Obviously not a lot of people who watched thought that his victory was deserved. In fact, even his very own kababayans, the Filipinos, thought that he had a hard time and that the victory he got was not unquestionable.

Because of the result of the latest fight, Bob Arum, Top Rank promoter, is hinting of a Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV to really settle the score between the two great boxers. But will it really settle the score? Or will it just be like the first three fights?

Others think that it is time to move on and fight Mayweather next. Boxing analysts say that a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is closer now than before because Mayweather’s camp has seen that Pacquiao faced a tough opponent in Marquez.

Everybody has their own opinion but in the end the judges’ decision is final. The fight judges game him the victory with the following score in favor of Pacquiao: Glenn Trowbridge, 116-112 ; Dave Moretti, 115-113; and Robert Hoyle called it a draw, 114-114.

If anything, this fight gave Marquez more fans and it earned him a lot of admiration. He was clearly a tough opponent for Pacquiao. But of course, no matter what happens, Manny Pacquiao will always be the Filipinos’ people’s champ.

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GMA 7 Responds to Anne Curtis' Tweets

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One can really get the best updates about their favorite showbiz personalities through Twitter. This social networking site has been a witness to a lot of vents and rants thus seemingly adding fuel to the fire.

Hopefully, this will not be the case between ABS-CBN’s Anne Curtis and the Kapuso Network, GMA 7. Obviously there is something wrong and the best party to settle the issue would be organizers of the USTv Students’ Choice Awards. Anne has given her side through her tweets and GMA 7 has already aired their side as well.

According to her tweets, Anne requested the GMA 7 people if she could just go up the stage and say hi to her fans for even just 2 minutes. Obviously she wasn’t granted her request and tweeted about it instead. She did tell her followers not to get mad at the staff of GMA because they may have their reasons. And it turned out the GMA did have a reason after all.

In their official statement about the issue, the Kapuso network said that they only followed what was already in the program sequence. They said that their talents arrived on time and waited for their turn for nearly three hours. The GMA talents were there in time for their 5pm call time. Basing on the program and from what the organizers of USTv Students’ Choice Awards, their talents were supposed to go on stage by 7pm. But because of some insertions like the ABS-CBN’s Banana Split cast, the program flow wasn’t followed.

This is GMA 7’s official statement:

1. Prior to the event, network representatives had been briefed by the organizers/UST about the sequence of the programme. This was to be the basis for arranging our artists’ schedules and determining their call time for the event.

2. Based on the schedule, GMA artists were supposed to perform at 7 pm. Our talents were at the venue as early as 5 pm. Last-minute insertion of ABS-CBN’s Banana Split cast in the programme however further pushed back the schedule.

3. Shortly before GMA’s number, GMA representatives confirmed the programme sequence with organizers. We were told that the Kapuso artists would be next. GMA was not aware nor informed by the organizers in any prior meeting that Anne Curtis will be part of the program.

4. When the GMA artists were about to go on stage, Anne Curtis, her handler and a student organizer approached a GMA representative to ask if she could go on stage first.

However, GMA staff declined and instructed the floor director and production staff to please proceed with the programme sequence, as the Kapuso stars also had other schedules to go to, and by this time were already waiting for nearly three hours.

5. GMA later found out that Ms. Curtis had left the venue and had tweeted about the incident.

Ms. Curtis posted a series of tweets which elicited a lot of negative
reaction towards GMA. The fact is—we were simply sticking to the
programme sequence provided by the organizers themselves.

We are certain Ms. Curtis had her own reasons for requesting to go onstage immediately, but the Kapuso artists also had their own respective schedules and had in fact been pushed back even prior to Ms. Curtis’ request.

We are hoping that the organizers could come forward and clarify matters to avoid blowing things out of proportion.

Well, both parties have aired their side. To settle this issue everybody needs to hear from the organizers of the USTv Students’ Choice Awards to settle the matter and put the issue at rest.

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Pacquiao vs. Marquez Round 3 – The Match That will Settle the Score Finally

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We are in for a really exciting fight as the much awaited boxing fight of the year is only days away. Boxing fans all over the world has now set camp at Las Vegas Nevada to watch the match is destined to put the issue between the Philippines’s Pambansang Kamao, Congressman Manny Pacquiao and El Dinamita of Mexico, Juan Manuel Marquez to rest.

The match on Saturday, November 12 at the MGM Grand Arena (Sunday, November 13,2011 Philippine Time) and it seems that everybody can’t wait to see it. Tickets are nearly sold out and the Pay-per-View sales are sky rocketing. The Filipinos have long marked November 13 as a red letter day and everything will stop in this southern archipelago to root for the Pambansang Kamao.

This third and final match will really settle the score. Both parties have claimed that they were cheated and that were the rightful champ in their first two bouts but surely after this the third fight everything will be settled and all issues will be cleared. Whoever comes out victorious from this fight will settle the score and will make the other camp admit defeat.

Of course Filipinos are 100% behind Pacquiao who has been giving honor to the country in all his fights. His coach Freddie Roach has repeatedly said that Manny is more than ready to face Marquez. Whatever short comings that may have been committed in the past has been remedied and they are ready to end the fight. In fact Roach has said that he doesn’t think that this game will last long.

Both fighters have scores to settle against each other. Surely this game will end all doubt. Experts say that we are to watch out for an exciting but maybe short game.

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Nathaniel James – Ogie and Regine's Little Bundle of Joy is Born

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If you are well loved in the showbiz industry, everything that happens to you is a welcome news. This is what the GMA power couple Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez are enjoying as they welcome their first born son, Nathaniel James.

A lot of people have been waiting for this little bundle of joy and when Regine finally gave birth on November 8, 2011 at 7:47 pm, everybody celebrated with them. Of course they showbiz friends supported them all the way through prayers and visits as well as the couple’s numerous fans.

Nathaniel James is Regine’s first born and Ogie’s third child (and first son). Ogie has two lovely girls with Ms. Australia Michelle Van Eimeren -Leila and Sarah. Both Ogie and Michelle have families of their own now but they still maintain a very good relationship. In fact, even before Ogie and Regine got married, they are frequent visitors of Michelle and her husband. They both sang during Michelle’s wedding and Michelle and husband had roles during the Velasquez-Alcasid Nuptials.

Ogie is a picture of a very happy and proud father. Of course a lot of people are excited to see baby Nathaniel James’ photo but Ogie is requesting their fans to give them this time to just cherish their newborn privately. He did assure everybody that in due time they will introduce the newest member of the Alcasid family to the world. Surely fans understand and they are willing to wait simply because the Alcasids are loved and respected in the industry.

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John Lloyd, Shaina, Ruffa – the Triangle That is Heating Up?

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How does it feel to be John Lloyd Cruz these days? When two women “fight over” you, does that mean that you are somebody really good looking and is a good catch? What if these women are not just ordinary women but beauteous and celebrities in their own right? Well, one can only think about what John Lloyd must be thinking these days. Talks about his girlfriend Shaina Magdayao and beauty queen Ruffa Guttierez’ alleged heated text messages are all over the new these past days.

Shaina was interviewed by Boy Abunda at The Buzz and she said that they shouldn’t be fighting over a man. According to Shaina, she did send Ruffa a text message telling her to leave them alone. She added that Ruffa has already agreed in the past that she is out of the picture so why start communicating now? Shaina was firm during her interview and probably the presence of boyfriend John Lloyd gave her strength to talk about the sensitive topic.

This heated exchange was reignited when according to Shaina, Ruffa sent John Lloyd a text message after they celebrated the birthday party of her sister Vina. In reaction, Ruffa tweeted about the “no cure for the insecure” allegedly alluding to Shaina. Shaina said that she has no reason to be insecure so the text message shouldn’t really affect her. Another much talked about tweet made by Ruffa was the “receiving psychotic messages at ungodly hours,” tweet and again, some say that this is directed towards Shaina.

Will we see the end in sight? Especially now that both John Lloyd and Shaina admit that they are ironing out their differences and obviously Shaina’s verbal exchange with Ruffa isn’t helping at all.

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Charice Loses Father to Brutal Death

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Death has been knocking at the door of the entertainment industry these days. It seems that as the people remembered their dead, death has been forcing its way around as well. Another brutal death that the country talked about was the death of the father of the singing sensation Charice Pempengco.

The evening of October 31 became Ricky Pempengco’s end as a man stabbed him to death. According to the initial police reports, one Angel Capili Jr. approached the dad of Charice and stabbed him using an ice pick due to a past altercation. When the news spread out, fans felt sad for Charice especially as she is a part of the “David Foster and Friends Concert Tour. The group is set to perform in Singapore but she had to beg off because of her father’s death.

Everybody knows the not so good relationship that Charice and her Mom have with her father’s family. In fact, when Ricky’s sister Raquel went to the crime scene, she was interviewed and lashed out at Charice and her mother saying that “Siguro masaya na sila kase wala na ang kapatid ko“.

To this Charice sent out this tweet “Kung natatandaan nyo, KAYO MISMO ANG NAGSABI SA AMIN NA IWASAN ANG DADDY KO. Sinabi nyo pa na wag gamitin ang apelyido nya. Hindi pinagbawal ni mommy na dalawin ang daddy namin pero HINDI NYO KAMI PINAYAGAN. Wala kayong respeto sa PAMILYA NYA para sabihin nyo yan ngayon! Imbis na ayusin nyo, sinisira nyo pa!

When Charice’s mom Raquel went to the funeral home to claim the body of her late husband, she was immediately hugged by the same sister who lashed out earlier. Could this be a sign that the death of the singer’s father could be the turning point for the family to reunite once again? Everybody hopes so.

Chikkadora condoles with Charice and her family.

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Ram Revilla Allegedly Ordered Killed by Own Kin According to Police

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A tragic death in the family is something that will really rock one’s world. If a member of the family died because of a long standing sickness, then death is somewhat prepared for. If the cause of the death is accidental like being hit by a car, sure it hurts but somehow the family learns to deal with the pain. But if the reason of the death is tragic and intentional and was planned before hand, then the pain is doubled. How much more if the alleged mastermind is also the victim’s own brother?

This is the sad and painful reality that the Revilla family is facing now. The family of former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. cannot understand the roller coaster set of emotions because they lost a son brutally and according to the initial police investigation, Ram’s own brother, Ramon Joseph, is the alleged mastermind.

The murder, according to the investigation, has been planned because of jealousy over the allowance that the elder Revilla gives to Ram and his other siblings.

If one brother is implicated as the mastermind, another development in the case adds to the worsening wound that the whole Revilla clan is going through right now. The police has issued a statement implicating another Revilla sister as being a part of the group who thought about the murder. Ram’s sister Ramona Mara is now a part of the group of suspects that the police are looking for. Ramona has now gone into hiding after she was implicated in the murder. It can be recalled that she said that she was abducted by the same people who killed her brother and was left in Las Piñas but according to police reports, she was just allegedly trying to absolve herself from being implicated in the murder of her brother.

According to the Revilla family, they will not believe that their own flesh and blood is capable of masterminding the murder of their brother but they are firm that they want justice no matter who gets involved.

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